From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff

From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff
From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff

From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff - Principal

When you visit with your child’s teacher, you’ll hear a lot about essential standards. You may wonder, “What exactly are essential standards?”

Essential standards are “learning standards that are most essential because they possess qualities of endurance, leverage, and readiness for success at the next level” (DuFour, DuFour, Eaker and Many, 2010, p. 71).

At Roosevelt Elementary, educators in each department or grade level make agreements on which of the standards are essential. The staff also agrees that we will do all that it takes to teach ‘the essentials’ to our students. We have set up a system which supports each learner with re-teaching opportunities, interventions, and enrichment. We also have created systems to report to you, the parent, on whether or not your child has mastered these essential standards.

Most likely, your child has come home with a ‘brag tag’ already this school year.

In our upcoming conferences, please make sure you visit with your child’s teacher regarding the essential standards and if your child is making progress toward his/her goals. We are looking forward to meeting with you!

To learn more about essential standards, you may visit the Idaho Department of Education’s website: