From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff

From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff
From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff

From the Desk of Shawn Tegethoff - Principal

February 13, 2018

Recently, my heart was broken when I heard that a child in the Nampa community took his life.  I felt so distraught and felt such a sense of responsibility and urgency for the children in our area.  I felt overwhelmed as I thought about my part in response to this tragedy.  And so, it’s with this underlying reason I write you regarding kindness.   

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, kindness is defined as the quality or state of being kind, a kind deed, favor, or affection. 

Too often I am thinking of a million things on my to-do list; totally rushed and totally disconnected with the world around me.  In these moments, if I would simply open my eyes, I would see a plethora of adults and children needing a kind word from someone. 

What would happen if I interrupted their thoughts with a kind word?  What difference would I see in my school, my community, my family? 

We’ve all heard about the fellow who spoke nicely to his garden.  Or, the rice experiment where you talk nicely to one cup of cooked rice in a sealed jar but talk trash to the second jar, some distance away from the first jar of rice.  We know the outcome.  We know the garden produces in abundance and the ‘trash talked’ rice rots at extremely high rates in comparison to the ‘favored’ rice.   

Again, we know the outcome.  I have a proposition.  Let’s purpose together to scatter seeds of kindness as if we were blowing a dried Dandelion flower.  Perhaps we will see changes close to home.  And, perhaps we’ll see the Nampa area flourish in kindness!  We can take a gentle stand, together, and change one life at a time one word at a time!