Welcome Letter

Parents, Guardians and Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome you back again this year.  Although, it feels like an impossible year to think about, together, we will love and support our children through the 2020-21 re-entry. At Roosevelt our vision is “Safe and Solid” and our mission is to “Encourage and Equip”.  We still hold strong to our values, no matter what life throws at us.  This year, more than ever, it will take collective approach to educate our students.  And, now, more than ever, we are determined to protect and serve our families keeping with our vision and mission so that our children will stay strong in who they are! 


I believe this is the lengthiest welcome back letter I have ever written!  So please give yourself time to read and process the information. I’m sorry it’s so long!


Surprisingly, our children have been in conversation with each other about many of our nation’s news highlights and topics on platforms such as Roblox. Our kiddos have a lot of information to process and express as we keep them safe and provide them a rigorous education here at Roosevelt Elementary. You most likely have questions and concerns about the safety and re-entry into our school system as well. The final draft of our formal school plan goes back to the district on August 6th for final approval. When approved, I will share the document with you. In the meantime, I’ve answered lots of questions in this welcome letter.


(Virtual) Open House/Meet the Teacher- Currently Suspended 

Children are assigned a homeroom teacher.  You will receive a welcome letter from your child’s homeroom teacher giving instructions on how to meet him/her. During the board meeting on July 30th, the Board of Trustees suspended the open house and meet the teacher night. 


I expect that we all feel a sense of grief and a sense of relief, both. We want to help acclimate your child(ren) to the new online environment.  This may take processing time and a staff support for you, the parent or guardian. 


Please keep these emails and phone numbers on hand in case you need to communicate with us regarding the emotional, physical or academic needs of your child:

Counselor, Tim Sullivan- [email protected],

Academic Coach, Anneke Wolfe- [email protected],

Nurse, Leslie Majors- [email protected]

Principal, Shawn Tegethoff- [email protected]

Help Desk Hotline: 208-468-4777

Roosevelt: 208-468-4620


District and State Plans:

Our districts plan outlines a “red, yellow, green” approach to re-entry which the state also outlines. If you are interested in reading the state’s plan, I’ve provided it for you here: 


 Roosevelt’s plan will be available after August 6th.  The final draft of our formal (and lengthy) school plan goes back to the district on August 6th for approval and translation.


Steps to Support Families and your Teachers:

To support our families, there are many steps taking place in and around our campus:

Our cleaning staff is dedicated to disinfecting surfaces including the playground, classrooms and common areas. 


Our teachers are servicing families online starting August 24th for the first two weeks, then moving into brick and mortar beginning after Labor Day on September 8th.


We consider Roosevelt your child’s school.  And, our staff is dedicated to making a safe and solid experience for your child whether we are in a red, yellow or green zone.  Last spring, we were in what I call “emergency distance learning”.  This school year, I made it a priority to hire a title teacher who will support our homeroom teachers in distanced learning with families. We will provide a unified system of delivery and support to our families this fall with our very own Shanna Spiller who came to us last year and filled a need that we had in second grade.  She’s amazingly talented and knowledgeable in many areas, including technology. When in the yellow or red zone, you may hear more from her directly as you work with your children remotely. And, she will have flexibility to help homeroom teachers present online and will have the flexibility to help you and your children overcome barriers quickly to access information coming from your child’s homeroom teacher.  Learning and safety are our priorities as we re-enter this school year.


Communication through Dojo!

Please make sure that you have your homeroom teacher’s Dojo information to keep informed and to communicate back and forth with Roosevelt’s staff.


The Office Staff:

The office manager, Susan McKay, oversees everything in the office from student files to finances. She and Tammy Peterson are here for you!  Mrs. Peterson is the first person you see at the window and is the person to call if you need help or if you need to report an absence for your child.  Our school number is 208-468-4620. Her email is [email protected]. And, Susan’s email is [email protected].


Starting in a Red Zone/Device distribution:

While there are many emotions that accompany this decision, we are here to support the needs of our students. The academic approach used in the Red Zone is different from the “emergency learning” that we utilized last spring. We have a unified approach with our families and will train our new incoming parents soon.  The training details for new families will be announced soon.


Our district leaders are working with our technology department to ensure that every device has been cleaned and loaded with platforms for this upcoming school year. Details are coming regarding the distribution of devices.  Please save the dates for distribution: August 17th through the 21st.     


Special Student Services:

If your child is in special education (on an IEP), your child will receive the same accommodations and help that is listed on the IEP.  If you have any questions regarding the specifics of your child’s program, please email your child’s case manager:


Regular Resource: Ruby Nolen [email protected]

Extended Resource: Tami Brown [email protected]

Speech and Language Pathologist: Lauren Allen [email protected]


If your child is on a 504 for accommodations, those same accommodations (when possible) will occur online as well as in brick and mortar.  If you have specific questions regarding your child’s 504, please contact our counselor, Tim Sullivan [email protected].


Thank you for your tremendous support!  I appreciate your partnership.  I would love to hear from you as we move forward in this unique re-entry back into the Roosevelt community.  And, I would love to help you ease into this first trimester.  Please feel free to reach out at any time. Remember, this is just a season! And, we can do this together!   


Take care.    


Shawn Tegethoff

Roosevelt Elementary