Social Distancing Rules

Hello FDR Families!  

We have lots of precautions in place to keep your student healthy when they return to hybrid learning, here are some skills that will be encouraged in the school setting:  

The Big Four – how to help prevent the spread of illness 

Hand washing – (20 seconds with soap and water) before eating, after touching shared material or their face, and throughout the day 

Wear a mask –  the type doesn’t matter as much as proper fit, it should be worn over both mouth and nose *Please remember to wash masks in hot water, dry on hot or put out in the sun *Our goal is to keep masks with their student, but please write your student’s name on their mask, just in case 😊  

Physical distancing – 6 feet apart 

Respiratory etiquette – cover your cough and sneezes 

If you have questions about The Big Four please contact Nurse Leslie at the school 

(208) 468-4620 or email at 

Thank you for your support in keeping our school healthy, we appreciate you!