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Mission / Vision Statements

FDR’s Vision/Mission/Promises:

  1. Safe and Solid = VisionBoy in red "Thing One" T-shirt smiles while working at his desk.
  2. Encourage and Equip = Mission
    1. Give Time and Space to:
      1. What is tight and what is loose in all the right areas (the balance between the art and science of teaching)
      2. Your charge is children. Do what’s right for the child no matter the cost to you. (No fear, no pride, no control)
    2. The DuFour Four:
      1. Are we crystal clear from classroom to classroom? Are we clear vertically? Do we know what to teach each child? Do we know what they need to know at each grade level in each unit of study?
      2. How will we know? How are we frequently monitoring each child?
      3. How do we respond to those who don’t know the information?
      4. How are we enriching and going deeper with children who already know?
  3. Promises:
    1. Every child can learn (at high levels)
    2. No excuses (pride or ego)
    3. Protected time
  4. Tribe’s Five Agreements:
    1. Mutual Respect
    2. Attentive Listening
    3. No Put Downs
    4. Right to Pass
    5. Problem-Solving


    starfish storyAfter reading "The Starfish Story," you’ll see that Roosevelt is a place where we believe in mentoring. Mentoring in a school setting establishes relationships between experienced and trusted advisors and students. Mentoring is not limited to adult/student relationships, however. Mentoring can occur between any two people where one is an expert on a particular subject. We want FDR to be a mentoring school, full of learning for everyone who enters. We hope that YOU will share your expertise with us as we learn together!